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R O Y   G U Z M A N  is a life-long painter and illustrator who uses his art to communicate; his hands as an extension of his mind. In those hands, imagination is translated with any media available — marker, pencil, ink, acrylic, watercolor, bits of discarded life — often comingled in the same piece.


Roy is the guy scratching distorted faces and shapes on a napkin while waiting for breakfast at his favorite old-school diner. The goal, then, becomes to translate some of those scribbles of imagination and visual musings into something beautiful or disturbing or thought-provoking — something meaningful to be pondered. Or not.


Drawn to form, organic and man-made, Roy interprets the world differently than most of us. He follows no particular style, certainly no particular rules. There is only the experimentation that explores the world at its most primordial, with elements and shapes seamlessly interacting, juxtaposing body and mind, culture and essence. He journeys into the nature of imagination, from untamed passions and extreme possibilities to peaceful transformations. There is no pretense. Only the exploration and the expression itself.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, he currently lives in Southern California. He continues to be inspired by everything around him, but mostly by that which is in his mind. Imagination is his ultimate medium, and any blank surface his vehicle for manifestation.

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